Shropshire Scale Modellers

Welcome to 2020

Physical Meetings are Currently Suspended

Members Will be Meeting via Our Online Group Instead

If you have problems logging into our Group Please Contact the Club Secretary

January 2020

                      15th    Club Meeting,         

                      19th    Bolton IPMS Show, Club Displaying

                      29th    Club Meeting,         

Febuary 2020

                      12th    Club Meeting           Club Competition, No Theme

                      23rd    South Cheshire Militaire,  Nantwich

                      26th    Club Meeting,         

March 2020

                      11th     Club Meeting                     

                      25th    Club Meeting as Normal, but the Club Competition, is CANCELLED

April 2020

                      5th The Cosford Model Show    CANCELLED

                      8th      Club Meeting

                      22nd    Club Meeting, as normal, --  CLUB AGM, Postponed to 20th May

May 2020

                      6th      Club Meeting,         

                      20th    Club Meeting           Club AGM Postponed U.F.N.

June 2020

                      3rd      Club Meeting, On Line      

                      17th    Club Meeting, On Line      

July 2020

                      1st       Club Meeting,  On Line

                      15th    Club Meeting,  On Line      Dave Morrey Trophy,  Theme  “Matchbox Kits”  Postponed U.F.N.

                      29th    Club Meeting,  On Line     

August 2020

                      12th    Club Meeting,  On Line     

                      26th    Club Meeting,  On Line     

September 2020

                      9th      Club Meeting          

                      23rd    Club Meeting           Club Competition, No Theme

October 2020

                      7th      Club Meeting           Club Competition, “Best of the Best”

                      21st     Club Meeting          

November 2020

                      4th      Club Meeting

                      6th      Scale ModelWorld                  ( Set Up, To Be Confirmed )

                      7th & 8th  Scale ModelWorld      ( To Be Confirmed )

                      18th    Club Meeting          

December 2020

                      2nd      Club Meeting

                      16th    Club Christmas Party & Model Competition ( No Theme )