The Night Fighter Special Interest Group

Welcome to the online home of the Night Fighter S.I.G. Our intention is to provide a group for those interested in the development of the Night Fighter.  From the first aircraft used, by the British, to counter the Zeppelin raids to the last specialists which, with the addition of radar guided missiles, evolved into the air superiority fighters of today.

Avro 504k  

R.F.C. 1916

BE2e,  50sqn.

R.F.C.  1917

Members build scale models of aircraft, from any nation, which have been designed or modified to carry out the role of a night fighter.

The overall intention is to produce the widest possible display of aircraft, to illustrate the variations of colour schemes and aircraft used in the role.

You can see our display at various model shows around the country during the year.

Meteor NF14, 60 Sqn. R.A.F.

Singapore, 1960

If you are interested in joining the S.I.G. And helping to expand our display with your models, or just learning more about the group then just click HERE.